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When Do You Need a Fuseboard Change?

A fuseboard change can feel like a big project for any homeowner. It's best to hire an electrician near me in Kent to ensure that the job gets done correctly, safely, and legally. Here are a few times you might consider getting a fuseboard change and what you can expect from the process.

When to Replace

If your home's wiring hasn't been updated in the last couple of decades, it's a good idea to consider upgrading now. New standards dictate the use of non-combustible material, like steel, to reduce the risk of fire from electrical faults. Installing a residual current device (RCD) helps to protect you from electrical shock if you touch a live wire. Modern homes often need more circuits so if your fuseboard is out of date, you might consider upgrading.


You can expect a certified professional electrician to spend a full working day in your home for a fuseboard change. He will need to test the circuits before leaving to ensure everything is working properly. You may also need upgraded meter tails and main earth cable.


If your fuseboard is located near the electric meter, there shouldn't be a reason for too much damage to your walls or ceilings. New consumer units are usually larger than old fuseboards, so they can easily cover up any holes.


A fuseboard change can run from £300 to £500. We will start with a consultation to assess your home and provide an accurate quote including materials and labour.

Hire the Best

When you're looking for the best electrician near me in Kent, Essex, or the surrounding area, look no further than Electrical Intelligence. Our crews are NICEIC registered and certified so you know you're having high-quality, trustworthy work completed.

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