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EV Charger Maintenance Program

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EV Charger Maintenance Packages

Ware committed to keeping you moving at all times.

The first stage is delivering you a home charging point with a quality installation, but we don’t want it to end there.

We offer a monthly or annual EV charger maintenance package, offering continual maintenance and EV charger repair should you run into any problems with your charge point.

This ensures your charge point will always be operating at its safest, and you are always up and running.

With monthly and annual payment options available, we offer an affordable way to ensure your EV charger remains in top condition, all year round. 

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Benefits of a proactive maintenance schedule 

There are many reasons to ensure your EV charging points have a scheduled maintenance programme, not least of all because many systems are subject to strict legislation that requires them to be checked regularly. 


Regular maintenance also minimises the risk of faults and the need for unplanned repairs which can have an impact on your routine. Not only that, but regular maintenance can also help to keep your systems as energy efficient as possible, saving you money in the long term.


Our EV Charger Maintenance Offer Includes

Ongoing support  –


  • Priority EV charger repair  – We will be onsite ASAP to identify the fault and repair if possible. If not we will arrange a replacement unit. *Labour only doesn't include if a replacement charger is required*

  • Ongoing advice and support – business hours telephone support for hardware issues. 



Annual inspection visit 12 months from installation, this includes –


  • An annual inspection of your charge point, to identify any damage to the unit.

  • Annual visual check of sockets and plugs for wear and corrosion.

  • Charge point test – annual test of charge point, to ensure the unit is charging at the optimum rate.

  • Annual safety certificate of compliance.

  • Interior check and clean of the charge point including an inspection for water ingress.

  • Annual firmware check and update if required – check that all software is up to date. 

  • Peace of mind – we will be there for you.





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