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We believe in always being 100% transparent. We are clear, upfront and honest about our company charges. This is why we are happy to show our prices here on the website.

We will always provide a full breakdown of labour and material costs. A comprehensive description of work carried out is shown on all invoices and estimates.

We pride ourselves on being honest, hard working and reliable.


Be sure to check out our reviews - just search 'Electrical intelligence' 

One Bed Flat :
Two Bed Flat :
£120 - £150
Three Bed Flat :
£180 - £210
One/Two Bed House :
£150 - £180
Three/Four Bed House :
£200 - £250
Five Bed House :

EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report)

Testing electrical charge

Labour Costs

Emergency Callout - Faultfinding / Rectification

Quoted Works

As a company we would always prefer to give you a quotation for any works so you are confident and clear on cost's before work begins. A no-obligation quotation is available upon request.

Where a quotation hasn't been agreed beforehand or where faultfinding is required, the following guide prices are likely to apply.

First hour (Faultfinding - Emergency Rate)


The full 60 minutes from arrival at your property.

Subsequent hours (Faultfinding - Emergency Rate)


Each hour following 'First Hour'

Day Rate (Emergency callout Rate)


A full day's Labour. See FAQ's below.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do the above rates always apply?

As a rule, No. The above prices are for Emergency Callouts - Faultfinding and rectification. We always advise that you request a no-obligation quote so the price is agreed before work commences. 

Why is your day rate less than 8.5hrs x hourly rate??

A reduced 'day rate' may be applied to larger projects, such as full rewires's or kitchen renovations, when it is booked as these can take multiple days. 

When is payment due?

We don't ask for deposits so payment is due strictly upon completion. On large installation such as rewires, a staged payment schedule will be applied and agreed prior to commencing work.

On larger jobs over £500 a deposit is require to secure the booking.  

What is your preferred payment method?

BACS is our preferred method of payment. However, card payment via our on site card machine or cash are also welcome.

I live a 4 hour drive from Kent, Essex Would you travel this far?

Of course. For the right project and as long as it was cost effective for you.

Are you not worried that showing your prices you'll be under cut?

Not at all. We have built a reputation on being hardworking, fair and honest. Over 90% of our work is word of mouth, that goes a really long way.

What is your lead time?

We generally book up 4-6 weeks in advance. However, with the work we carry out, we can be flexible for those last minute projects.

Do you have reviews/references?

We've just listed Electrical Intelligence on Google. We feel that Google reviews give our customers the platform to review us openly.

What is the best way to contact you?

Running my own business is amazing, each year we get busier! I'd suggest dropping me a message by using the contact form on the main page.

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